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Good Manner® KF94 (Black) Adult – 1-ct

Good Manner® KF94 (Black) Adult – 1-ct

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Description: This KF94 FDA, CE Approved non-medical respirator is a device registered with Health Canada and is designed to achieve a very close facial fit and 94% efficient filtration of airborne particles.

Model: Good Manner™ Premier Defence Mask KF94 (Black)

Mask Specifications:

  • The filter efficiency is higher than 94%
  • Patented 4-ply 3D design provides greatest comfort & breathing ability
  • Flexible-edge technology provides better fit in a range of facial sizes
  • Unique design — can be folded to fit in a pocket
  • Made with latex-free, staple-free head straps
  • Adjustable nose piece & ear-loop design for convenience & comfort
  • Perfect for avoiding camera-glare and wearing for long periods
  • 1 pc (individually wrapped) | 200 pcs per case

Manufacturer: Handa Healthcare Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

Rating: FDA & CE Approved

The KF94 Protective Face Mask can help reduce exposure to dust particles and biological substances such as bacteria and viruses.