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Please be aware that due to Health Regulations we are unable to accept returns of masks after the product leaves the warehouse.

Q: How do I correctly put on and take off my mask?

A: To put on any type of mask, we recommend you:

 Wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching your mask.

  1. Raise your mask to nose level. Place the loops around your ears.
  2. Pull down the bottom of your mask, so that it covers your mouth and chin.
  3. Adjust the ear loops so that you have a comfortable yet snug fit.

A: To take off any type of mask, we recommend you:

 Wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching your mask.

  1. Reach your hands back to touch the elastic loop behind each ear. Be sure not to touch the front of your mask – it may be contaminated.
  2. Pulling the elastic bands back at the same time, lift the mask off your face.
  3. Clean your hands again, using soap and water or hand sanitizer.

KN95 Mask Specifications:

  • 4-ply KN95 Masks
  • Made of non-woven and melt blown cotton
  • KN95 is an industry-standard and means that the mask provides the intended effectiveness of filtering 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers
  • Malleable metal nose piece sewn in
  • One size fits most
  • Comfortable, breathable, and do not fog glasses
  • Manufacturers are FDA and CE registered
Our KN95 face mask is certified to standards similar to the EU FFP2 certification and the US N95 certified mask. Ear loop design for comfort and ease of use. Integrated flexible nose bridge helps ensure proper fit. KN95 standard means these masks are effective against 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 microns or larger. Properly worn masks can protect very well against PM10, PM2.5, and smaller particles. BFE>95% (Bacterial filtration efficiency). The KN95 Protective Face Mask can help reduce exposure to biological substances, such as bacteria and viruses. Please note however that wearing a mask cannot eliminate the risk of infection as it depends on the proper fit of the wearer.
Please keep in mind:
  • Pollen - The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from pollen. Our filter has an efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, whereas normal pollen particles are about 10 - 1000 pm in size.
  • Animal Allergens - The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from animal allergens. Efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, animal allergen particles are about 5 - 10 pm in size.
  • Due to Health Regulations we are unable to accept returns on this item

WARNING: This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change immediately if contaminated with blood or body fluid.

Q: What is the difference between KN95 and N95?

A: The two masks are equivalent or nearly equivalent on the features that most people care about. Lots of consumers care most about what percentage of particles the masks capture. On this metric, N95 and KN95 respirator masks are the same. Both masks are rated to capture 95% of tiny particles (0.3 micron particles, to be exact).

To reiterate, N95s and KN95s are both rated to capture 95% of particles. Among the minor differences, only KN95 masks are required to pass fit tests, while N95 masks have slightly stronger breathability standards.

Q: How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

A: We offer free shipping on every mask order. Our masks are on hand and ready to ship from our warehouse in Toronto, Canada, and depending on where you are located, it will take between 2-3 days for you to receive your order.

Q: Are these masks washable/reusable?

A: The KN5 masks are disposable. However, washing the masks and wearing them again is up to your individual discretion as many of our customers reuse the masks. If you notice the mask losing integrity it is time to grab the next fresh one. Recommended cleaning method: UVC sterile light.

Q: Are these masks acceptable for use in a medical setting? Can health care professionals use them against COVID-19?

A: No – these masks are not suitable for use in medical settings. This product has not been FDA cleared or approved. This product is: (1) not intended for use as a surgical mask or to provide liquid barrier protection; (2) not recommended for use in a clinical setting where the risk of infection through inhalation is high;  (3) not intended for antimicrobial or antiviral protection or related uses; (4) not intended for infection prevention or reduction; (5) not a respiratory protective device and should not be used for particulate filtration; and, (6) not for use in high-risk aerosol generating procedures.

Q: Do these masks help prevent COVID-19 from spreading?

A: Governments and health agencies in different countries have different perspectives. Some believe that face masks worn in public can help flatten the curve. Others have publicly stated that masks do not play a significant role in this effort. When considering whether masks are right for you, we recommend you consult your country’s latest national and regional guidelines.

Q: What are the blue disposable face masks made of?

A: These single-use blank masks are made of non-woven polypropylene and elastic ear bands. The polypropylene has three layers: a non-woven outer layer, melt-blown middle layer and soft, absorbent inner layer.

Q: Can I reuse these disposable blue face masks?

A: No. These single-use masks should not be worn for more than four hours of continued use and should be thrown away after that. 

Q: How can I get in contact with a representative?

A: Customer service is a key ingredient to our success. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email at or through our messenger on this website. A member of the team will connect with you ASAP.