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Mask Extenders – Ear-Savers – 1-ct

Mask Extenders – Ear-Savers – 1-ct

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Description: This mask extender “ear-saver” is suitable for all types of work where masks have to be worn for a long time, e.g. film sets, office work and some special jobs such as laboratory staff.

Model: Mask Extender Strap, Adjustable Ear-Savers

Ear-Saver Specifications:

  • Relieves ear pain & pressure – by avoiding touching of the ears
  • Flexible and soft, high quality polyester material
  • Lightweight, soft and non-slip
  • Easy to use – simply hook both ends into the loop of the mask
  • Extension buckle is particularly useful for faces large or small
  • Washable fabric material
  • High quality elastic banding material
  • Box of 10, 15 pcs, or 50 pcs

Manufacturer: Various Quality Manufacturers

Rating: Non-Medical, Consumer Grade Suitable for children, adults, men and women.